Scot L. Goldberg, D.C.  

Safe, Gentle and Effective Family-Oriented Chiropractic Care

Your First Visit

On your first visit to Dr. Goldberg's office, you should expect to spend one hour with him. During this time, he takes a complete medical history and performs a comprehensive examination in order to assess your specific healthcare condition.

After determining the underlying cause of your pain, he will explain your healthcare condition to you and discuss your treatment options.

During the course of your care, you will discover that, unlike many chiropractors who see several patients during the same time slot, Dr. Goldberg strives to schedule only one patient at a time. He is dedicated to full service, family-oriented care and wants to ensure that each patient receives the full benefit of each chiropractic visit.

You are a partner in your well-being when you are in Dr. Goldberg's care. He listens to your needs, explains the course of action for your treatment -- and encourages you to maintain optimal health.
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