Scot L. Goldberg, D.C.  

Safe, Gentle and Effective Family-Oriented Chiropractic Care


"Very thorough and patient, Dr. Goldberg makes sure you are comfortable with what is happening to you while he is working on you. He listens and addresses the patient's needs. You always feel you are his first priority. I have had incredible results in a short period of time seeing him only once a week. He has done a wonderful job of helping me to manage and, in some instances, eliminate the pain I came to him in." - Greer H.

"I had pain in my low back that was preventing me from being active. Dr. Goldberg took the time to investigate my back pain and after treatment I have been able to play golf again." - Brian P.

"I fully recommend Dr. Goldberg for chiropractic healing and well-being. His approach is gentle yet thorough. I am feeling more healthy, vital and pain-free than ever. I look forward to my appointments." - Jen C.

"I came to Dr. Goldberg with severe pain in my back. He took the time to thoroughly evaluate my condition and explained how he was going to proceed with treatment. He created a customized treatment program and the pain in my back has been fully alleviated." - Carol M.

"One of the reasons I would recommend Dr. Goldberg is that he is easy to talk to. I never felt uncomfortable asking him additional information or a question about a strange pain, and I found it helpful that he was able to give me some specific exercises I could do on my own to improve a condition." - Gina W.

"There are not enough good things to say about the care I receive from Dr. Goldberg. He is able to listen to my self-report and ascertain what is creating my problem, whether I am complaining about bone pain, muscle pain, tingling or numbness. I have a complicated spine due to heredity and injury and, as a result, need regular care to feel remotely human. Through trigger point release, chiropractic manipulation, heat/cold therapy, electric stimulation and ultrasound, Dr. Goldberg keeps my chronic pain under control -- all while keeping a smile on my face with his sense of humor. He is also the most ethical human being I have ever met. Other chiropractors have created treatment plans for me that lined their pockets, but did not necessarily address my hurt. Dr. Goldberg never recommends an appointment unless my body needs it. Not only do I respect him as a doctor, I admire him as a person. - Mary Beth Canty

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